How do I pay?

  1. Credit/ debit card: We don't direct accept them although if you wish to pay through a card you can click the Paypal option and the window you will be taken to has an option to pay through cards, this will not require you to sign up for PayPal or any other process.

  2. Paypal: There is a Paypal button you can click when you check out that will take you to the Paypal page where you can pay

  3. GPAY/ Paytm/ UPI: Select manual payment when you checkout, you will be shown the details for the services where you can transfer. If you select this method, you will receive an email after you click checkout explaining how to confirm your order

If you ever need any assitance, feel free to DM us @facelessclothing_ on Instagram, or contact us through the website!


How do I get a refund?

After confirmation of a return or exchange, we will refund you the money back within 5-7 business days. This will not include the cost of shipping you paid.