Joe Biden vs. Climate Change

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Donald Trump has called climate change “mythical”, “nonexistent”, or “an expensive hoax” — but also subsequently described it as a “serious subject” that is “very important to me”.

With a POTUS, we will hopefully see a change in Trump’s strategy against climate change which would’ve ended up with our skin boiling, anyways, here’s how Biden plans to fight climate change.

Strategy against climate change

Biden has made a bold goal of netting zero-emission by 2050, how will he do this? By realizing a $2 trillion plan which will place ‘green-action’ at the center of the economy and will likely ensure that any long-term sifts can’t be undone easily by the next presidents. The ‘Green New Deal’ promises “to meet the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy, address environmental injustice and create millions of good-paying union jobs”

The WRI is advocating for the US to set a 45–50 percent reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to its 2005 levels.

He also plans to get the leaders of the influential countries together for a climate change summit within 100 days of his inauguration which is today as of writing this. Along with that, he plans to re-enter the Paris agreement, and doing so would mean having to scrap a Keystone XL pipeline( dw even I don’t know what that is 👀)

Biden also plans to undo Trump’s environmentally hostile actions while setting new standards like protecting 30% of the country’s land and water by 2030, all of this sounds awesome to you? well, it’s not.

“Embedding climate action fully into the way in which we build the economy, the way in which we generate jobs and ensure an equitable recovery, all of that is what will make this something long-lasting,”

Said David Waskow of the World Resources Institute.

The challenges

Biden’s plan to cut emissions will reduce fossil fuel consumption which has its technical and political challenges. Cutting fossil fuels will put pressure on Biden, especially cutting natural gas which has helped reduce US emissions for a decade and has an image of being crucial.

As for the other challenges, it may be hard to get the Republicans to get on board with the plan that will cost the nation $2 trillion although a survey conducted after the election and published last week by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication found a majority of voters from both parties support policies to reduce carbon pollution and promote clean energy.

Fifty-three percent of voters said that global warming should be a high or very high priority for the president and Congress, while 66 percent said that developing sources of clean energy should be a high or very high priority.

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